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    April 16, 2013
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an act of terror at a a uniquely american event. >> one and then another one. it is one big cloud of smoke. this is really bad. >> the city of boston bloodied but not broken after two bomb blasts at the finish line of the iconic marathon. the attackers taking lives and limbs but not the will of the
city or a nation. >> make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. bostonians will pull together, take care of each other and move forward as one proud city, and as they do, the american people will be with them every single step of the way. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to this special edition of "early start." i'm john berman in boston this morning. >> and good morning, i'm brooke baldwin in new york. it's 5:00 a.m. on the east. >> and here in boston, it really is all hands on deck as authorities investigate those twin bomb blasts right near the finish line of the boston marathon. this is what we know at this moment. the explosions killed three people including an 8-year-old boy. 8-year-old boy identified by the "boston globe" as martin richards of dorchester. his mother and sister also hurt. there were 144 total people
hurt, 17 in critical condition this morning, 5 in serious condition. the fbi is now taking the lead in this investigation. there is no motive, no one is in custody, they say. but authorities are said to be pursuing several active leads. overnight they executed a search warrant at an apartment in raveer, massachusetts. the first explosion happened at 2:50 p.m., four hours and nine minutes into the race. the second explosion came 15 seconds later. this is what it looked like. this is what it sounded like. you can see it right there. people on the scene witnessing the carnage. they simply cannot believe their eyes. >> they were banged up, bad.
severe lacerations, amputees, a lot of shrapnel. pretty big explosion. there was a lot of blood everywhere. >> so this morning the crime scene normally a very, very busy part of the city. it is shut down for the investigation. it's about a mile long stretch of boylston street which includes copley place and part of the brew dentiprudential cene library. the national guard is patrolling the streets this morning. there were more than 140 people being treated right now at boston area hospitals. they are some of the best hospitals in the world. that is a small silver lining here. cnn's poppy harlow joins me now. i've been talking to doctors overnight telling me, you know, these are things they have never seen in their lives. and if they have, it's only places from places like iraq and
afghanistan. what are you hearing this morning. >> it's a very good point, john. what i heard over and over from some of the trauma surgeons is they've never seen the volume or quantity they've seen rush into their er as happened in these late hours after this attack occurred. brave. brave is the word that a trauma surgeon at massachusetts general used to describe the patients saying they are brave. they are doing whatever needs to be done to get through this. three fatalities, 144 injuries that we know of at this point in time, 17 of those at least critical, 25 serious, eight of them children. and at least ten people have had to have their limbs amputate the as a result of this horrific attack. the youngest victim we believe at this point in time, the youngest injured person, 2 years old. the eldest, we believe, 71 years old. so a wide range. you had kids there, spectators
celebrating this marathon as they do every year on this holiday. the injuries that we've seen the most of are on the lower extremities. so the knees down especially or the hips down because of the type of bomb this was and how it was detonated. a trauma surgeon described that also one of the heads of surgeonry here at brigham and women's hospital. let me bring what you they said about the injuries. >> the worst of these injuries have been injuries to the legs. there have been a lot of damage. there is a lot of blast effect from these type of explosions. a lot of injuries to the muscle, the skin, the bones are broken, those sorts of injuries. >> a number of patients will require repeat operations tomorrow and serial operations over the next couple days. as i mentioned, a lot of the injuries are combined. they're combining bone and soft
tissue injuries. they have to be approached in a step-wise fashion. >> so the key of what you just heard from that trauma surgeon is some of these patients are going to have to go repeat surgeries. this is only the beginning of the trauma for them and what they're going to have to go through to get through this. you know, that trauma surgeon also said when asked how he's getting through, he said it's just depressing. we treat accidents all the time. but the fact it was intentional is just depressing. >> you know, it's depressing and also infuriating, frankly, poppy. you say there are kids as young as 2 who have been injured here. you know, no surprise there are kids. that's what you do here. kids line the streets from hopkins all the way to the finish line at boylston street. families come together to watch the marathon. one of those killed was an 8-year-old boy. what have you learned about him? >> we do. cnn confirmed that one of the
three dead from this attack is an 8-year-old boy. the "boston globe" at this hour is reporting his name. i want to share it with our viewers. it is 8-year-old martin richers from dorchester, massachusetts. the paper is reporting that his mother and his sister were also severely injured in the attack. his father's name is bill and he's apparently really a representative of the community in dorchester. the paper also reporting that the community gathered together at a local restaurant there last night to grieve the loss of that 8-year-old boy and pull together for the mother and sister at this hour. i want to read our viewers a quote from another communitydorg about the richards family. they are beloved by this community. it is surreal. it is tragic. john? >> there is so much feeling for that family and dorchester is such a tight knit community. all right, poppy harlow, thank
you. the fbi is the lead law enforcement agency right now in this bombing investigation. that is in coordination with state and local police. susan candiotti on the very first steps of the investigation. good morning, susan. what are you hearing? >> hi, john. they certainly haven't stopped since all this started. they're working around the clock actively as you indicated earlier, a lot of things to pursue. they're talking to witnesses and some of those witnesses are even those who have been hospitalized after this event. now no one is being called a suspect at this time. we do understand that one of the people they're speaking with according to sources is someone described as a saudi national whose one of his legs was wounded. that person is under guard at the hospital now. again, there is a large police presence at the hospital. we're told not to read anything special into this. and we are also learning about that one injured person that they are not saying that he is
involved. we do know that the injury, of course, was a result of the investigation. also, we know, as you indicated, that boston commissioners calling this a cowardly act and the fbi is leading this investigation. >> this cowardly act will not be taken in stride. we will turn every rock over to find the people who are responsible for this. >> and the fbi also calling this a potential terror investigation. of course, it is being treated by all accounts as though it is a terror event. now they're also working with a bolo, this is an advisory put out to all law enforcement agencies. everyone that's working this case should be on the lookout for someone who is being described as a dark erskine or black male with a foreign accent trying to get into the finish line area before the first two explosions occurred.
they are also looking at other things like cell phone videos that people are giving to them and records of any cell phone calls that were made right before the explosion occurred with the possible id that perhaps a cell phone was used to trigger these devices. and, of course, john, they're going over with a fine tooth comb the devices that were exploded and unexploded devices for clues as to who put this together. don't know at this time whether this was a domestic attack or one that owe rrnlgriginated ove. >> they're asking the public, if you have seen or heard anything, contact authorities right away. we should mention, just because we are saying that they are pursuing one lead or another or they're knocking on a door here or there, it doesn't mean these will pan out. it just means that investigators are doing everything they can and following every possible lead they can. susan candiotti, thank you. really appreciate it.
joining us now is a cnn contractor and a "boston globe" columnist with a rich, long history in homeland security. i know you've been up most of the night. what are you hearing this morning? >> hearing both the response and the effects of the prompts probably protected the crime scene. i think that is important. this is a crime scene. it is closed off. if you had all the runners coming through, it would have been messed up a little bit. so there is a lot of praise on that end. the fbi is leading. this is clearly an act of terror. we don't know what kind of act of terror. this is what the fbi is for. this is a federal crime. and the targeting of civilians is a federal crime. the fact they're taking lead says nothing more than they're just going to have jurisdiction. but they're clearly working with people like he had davis, the boston police department and state officials in terms of gathering information. this is now a management challenge. you have so much information, so many agencies. and so they're going to be working together to try to make sure that all the pieces are
fitting together as fast as possible because you don't want someone getting away. >> you heard it in susan's report, they're even going through cell phone records. i imagine line by line at this point to find out what calls were made at the very second that those bombs went off. >> right. there will be a network that provided that call. i don't think it will be so difficult from a forensic's perspective to see how they were detonated. the explosives are still there. there were other explosives out there. i think that will be solved quickly. the cell phone number, obviously, will give you who this is tied to and the pictures. this was televised. that's what people want to bring out terror want to do. those pictures are now pieces of evidence that everyone is going to be calling and people may not even know. if you're at the finish line, you should look and see what you have. you may not know. >> there is no suspect. there is no motive. what it does feel overnight is there is a certain confidence that i'm detecting in the law
enforcement. >> yeah, i think that's right. one is there is a lot of information. i won't be surprised if there is a break relatively soon. we always talk about resillency and counter-terrorism and homeland security. i think what you saw was resilliancy is built on the fact the response was so good. if there was total chaos and panic, you know, everyone would be sort of complaining today, right, criticizing. i came here 30 minutes after the explosions. and, you know, it was complicated. there were all sorts of runners coming down the street. but they were being taken care of. they had the metal shawl that's they give them, water was being provided. it's like everyone sort of said okay, that happened. we're going to move it over here. i think that's a sign of confidence as well as competence. >> absolutely. this ended one of the biggest races of the year, some 5,000 runner still running with almost no glitches at all. it really was astounding to see. thank you so much. we'll talk to you again this morning. >> you want to stay with cnn throughout the morning for the
most comprehensive coverage of the terror attack and the boston marathon. we have so much more information to tell you b ahead this hour, as we said, the fbi taking the lead in this investigation, raising the mobilization efforts to level one. we'll tell what you that means. plus, we'll have the latest on the search for the suspect. major u.s. cities like miami, new york, chicago, los angeles, they are all on a heightened state of alert this morning. how this attack in boston could affect your town today. and, of course, the american psyche. i can tell new boston our psyche is full of pride right now, full of honor. you know, how will the country, how will the city bounce back from the bombings? stay with us. at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optimizers. how? by building custom security solutions that integrate video, access control, fire and intrusion protection.
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we're all coming together to get to the bottom of this. >> welcome back to this special edition to "early start." marathon monday, patriots day is normally such a joyous occasion here in boston. it really is the greatest day of the year. it turned to terror as two bombs exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon. it happened about 14 hours ago. at least three people were killed including an 8-year-old boy. the "boston globe" identified this boy as martin richard. his parents were among the 144 people wounded. the two bomb blasts that happened 15 seconds apart, maybe less. so far there is no claim of responsibility. and authorities say they have no suspects or no motive at this point. the fbi is taking over the investigation. they're calling it a level one mobilization. in other words, it really is all hands on deck right now. forensic teams are analyzing the evidence left behind at the boston marathon finish line. there may have been a great deal of it with the explosion or
unexploded ones. they're hoping to find the bomb maker's signature for what remains of these explosives. there is a navy bomb detonation team here helping with the investigation. no surprise. a lot of people on the team telling me it felt like an ied attack seen overseas. barbara star is at the investigation covering this. >> good morning, john. you said bomb signature. what does that really mean? what are investigators focusing on? what we know is, in fact, just as you said, john, after years of war, the military and the fbi civilian law enforcement have a tremendous amount of expertise in looking at these blast scenes. it really is something like you see in afghanistan or iraq. looking at what is left after the bomb explodes. one of the things that happens is bomb makers over time tend to put their bombs together the same way. and that is the bomb maker's signature. so they're looking at how was the bomb put together? what are the parts?
where could those parts have come from? what kind of detonator? what kind of explosives? this is the kind of thing that gives them a picture of what might have taken place. now whether it is domestic or foreign terrorism certainly does remain to be seen. but at least one foreign terrorist group already is claiming they didn't do it. this is the pakistani taliban. they're issuing a statement saying, "wherever we find americans, we will kill them, but we don't have any connection with the boston explosions." that coming from the so-called pakistani taliban, ttp. they claimed responsibility for the failed 2010 bombing in new york's times square. but these are all clues, all things that investigators are going to be looking at in the coming hours and days, john? >> you know, barbara, as we've been saying, there is no claim
of responsibility in these attacks right now which is interesting. equally interesting that claim of nonparticipation from the pakistani taliban. i'm not sure i remember seeing that type of thing from them before. you? >> they're usually pretty quick out of the gate to claim that they did do it. so, you know, in any number of circumstances. so i think investigators will be looking at this, perhaps, with a little bit of a grain of salt. certainly not just missing any possibilities because with these terrorist groups in recent years, one of the things that's happened is they all trained a lot of operatives around the world. you see a lot of movement. these groups are not just the groups that they once wore. they move across borders and operate across different areas. lots of collaboration with al qaeda, al qaeda affiliates. this is a continuing concern. again, we're not saying that it was a foreign terrorist group.
but this is the backdrop, again, which the fbi is working on this situation right now. john? >> all right. barbara starr at the pentagon. thank you. coming up, there is still so many questions this morning in the aftermath of yesterday's attack here at the boston marathon. we will continue to bring you the latest information as it comes in. you are watching a special edition of "early start." stay with us. the one thing that 99 percent of investors can expect to find
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into such a tragedy. a lot going on elsewhere in the world today. let's go back to brooke baldwin for a look at the day's other stories. >> good morning to all of you. let me get you some news from north korea. the leaders are dialing up the rhetoric a notch this morning. they're now saying they won't give any warning before attacking south korea. south korean leaders say the north's latest threats are regrettable. also in south korea, a u.s. marine helicopter taking part in a drill. made a hard landing near the border with the north. there were some injuries. but the military says all those marines will be okay. >> mining your business this morning, on the bombing in boston, happening during trading on wall street. and you can see the reaction right here. all down arrows. stocks plunging. but today we're expecting, we're hoping for a recovery. when you look in the past, you look at other terror attacks, ie, 9/11, the markets took a
tumble. today, they expect a bounce back. >> yeah, you're seeing futures high they are morning. you're seeing a recovery in gold. gold was 9% yesterday. what happened this time yesterday, terrible. terrible to see what happened. the way wall street sees it is the bombing didn't grow into a worse situation. because the bombings didn't hit a specific industry or a specific financial inf infrastructure. look at trading overnight, asian markets actually ended mixed. european markets are only down slightly. so there is some concern. nothing huge here. you did see some initial reaction. there was right when the news came out, we saw the selloff accelerate. they're falling before the opening bell already because of the weak news out of china, weak news in the u.s. but when all is said and done, 120 points you can pin on the bombings. that is less than half of the 266 drop on the dow jones industrial average. you saw that initial hit to confidence. investors took money off the table to put into safer investments. but after processing the information, seeing that this
didn't grow into something more, you're seeing the markets resilient. >> resilience in the market and across the country. all the people reacting to the horrific story happening in boston. back live to boston. special coverage this morning, getting you latest on the deadly terrorist attack killing three people, one of them an 8-year-old boy. special edition of "early start" back after this.
welcome back to a special edition of "early start," everyone. i'm berman in boston. the city of boston feels like a ghost town this morning. the streets are simply empty. you would never see this the day after a marathon, the night after a marathon. people would simply be in the streets partying all night. but, no, not after the terror attack at the finish line of this race. the downtown area is closed down, boylston street is closed down as it is a crime scene. three people were killed in the attacks including an 8-year-old boy identified as martin richards. his family members among the 144 wounded. 17 of those hospitalized in critical condition, 5 a25 are i
serious condition. the fbi says no motives or suspects at this point. law enforcement sources says there are a number of active leads. overnight authorities searched an apartment in ravire, massachusetts. the explosive devices used were packed with nails, zippers, blades. doctors report removing ball bearings from patients. there have been at least ten amputations so far. doctors say they have never seen the scale of an attack like this in normal city hospitals. the doctors says they will find and bring to justice whoever is behind the bombings at the marathon. those bombings, again, killed three people, injured more than 140. investigators, they're combing through the evidence this morning. the fbi and boston police asking anyone who may have seen anything, heard anything suspicious, contact authorities. i'm here with cnn's pamela
bradley this morning. >> good morning. people are still on high alert this morning. there is heavy law enforcement presence here in boston's back bay area. it is all hands on deck as they investigate the attack, how they were able to carry it off and why. just before 3:00 p.m., more than four hours, nine minutes into the race, a thunderous boom. celebratory cheers turned into screams of horror. seconds later, at least 50 yards away another. runners and spectators at the finish line stunned as shock rippled through the crowd, many running from the scene. others towards it. >> we heard one just massive explosion. huge boom. and obviously we didn't know what it was. then when the second one went off, we said that's a bomb. and it was, of course, we could smell the smoke. we saw people lying on the
ground. runners were crying and the >> reporter: blood everywhere, people without limbs, the wounded crying, confused. >> it was the most serious thing i dealt with being a firefighter for 26 years. it was terrible scene. >> reporter: rescuers, many already there for the race, rushed to victims carrying away debris, using stretchers and wheelchairs, ambulances lined up near the finish line. others treated in tents meant for tired runners. police told runners and spectators that area wasn't safe and sent them on their way. they ran and walked in a daze. >> everyone is scrambling to get out of the way, scrambling into buildings, scrambling off boylston on the side streets and able to get another vantage point. six or seven people were strewn about on boylston avenue itself being treated by the emts and police officers. >> reporter: soon the reports came in from hospitals,
fatalities and scores of injuries including children. one of the dead, an 8-year-old boy. as a shocked nation watched, the president sopoke about the attack. >> make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. any response -- any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> reporter: the bombings classified as a terror event by federal law enforcement, a level one mobilization with all hands on deck. the fbi is in charge of the investigation working with boston and massachusetts police agencies. a federal source told cnn the two bombs were small packages and not believed to have included plastic explosives but they were deadly. >> something just blew up! go! >> reporter: and the hours after the blast, there were reports that there were other devices not detonated. in the wake of the attack, sports and cultural events in boston were canceled or
postponed. the airport went on high alert. police departments across the country went on alert as well. as the nation focused on boston, at 5:09 p.m., the u.s. house of representatives paused for a moment of silence. overnight, the finish line of the boston marathon usually a busy area filled with bars and restaurants shut down. it's now a crime scene bustling with investigators looking for clues as to who was responsible for the terror. this morning the death toll stands at three that, includes an 8-year-old boy. 144 people still in the hospital this morning. 17 in critical condition, we're told. as authorities investigate boston police are asking any witnesses of yesterday's attack to send them their pictures, tip line, 800-494-tips. and, john, we're a couple blocks from where the explosions happened yesterday. it is like a ghost town, as you mentioned earlier.
and the governor of massachusetts asking for residents here to stay vigilant. >> they shut down this section of boylston street which is a very busy part of the city. you have the boston public library and offices and shopping. that is a crime scene this morning. >> not business as usual, that's for sure. >> pamela brown, thank you. boston likes to consider itself in many ways the medical capital of the world. some of the best hospitals on earth are here in this city. and more than 144 people are now being treated inside these hospitals following yesterday's terror attack in boston. cnn's poppy harlow is at one of the best. she joins us now from brigham & women's hospital. good morning, poppy. >> good morning, john and pamela. the number we have at this hour, the highest its been, 144 injured, 3 fatalities, 17 critical condition at this hour. we know that 25 of the people injured are in serious condition. and among the most troubling
news, eight of those injured, at least eight, are children. also ten people have had to have at least one of their limbs amputated. when you talk about the kinds of injuries, many of them are lower body, lower extremity injuries because of the type of device, ied like devices that exploded. the ages, we're talking about victims injured from age 2 to age 71. those are the ages that we're looking at. and in terms of the descriptions that we're getting from inside these hospitals, from the trauma surgeons in here, they're shedding light into the kind of debris, what wounded these people, some of them so severely. i want you to take a listen to one of the head trauma surgeons from massachusetts general hospital. here's how he described it late last night. >> there's a lot of small metal debris. some people have asked already about whether these were bbs or parts of bombs.
i don't think we're able to say whether these are small bits of metal that are therein tensionally or parts of the environment that were involved in the blast. >> reporter: that same trauma surgeon saying some of the patients have to come back again and again for repeat operations. also saying that he has never seen anything, john, like the volume, the quantity of people that were rushed into his er immediately following this attack. >> that's what we keep hearing, poppy. the numbers were just staggering. so how prepared were they really for this flood of victims? >> reporter: you can say fortunately they were prepared. fortunately for a situation as they wished would never happen because they told us they prepare for things like this, massachusetts general, saying that within minutes after they got their first patient and after the attack they instituted an incident command system within five to ten minutes. they had enough surgeons. they even told us they had
people flying back in, coming within hours back to the hospital from trips to try to help and do everything that they could. but they were prepared and they do have the hands needed at this point in time, john. >> you know, poppy, i did. i heard from doctors last night calling up hospitals seeing if they can help, if they can do anything to help everyone heal through this process. poppy harlow at brigham & women's. thank you this morning. >> in addition to the medical treatment and the recovery effort, the investigation is full under way. the fbi in control working with state and local law enforcement agencies. our national correspondent susan candiotti is following that part of the story for us. good morning. >> sure, the investigation hasn't stopped since after the blasts occurred yesterday. of course, among other things they're lookingsurveillance
videos from hotels and from video that people may have taken on their cell phones, especially any taken right before that attack looking for any kind of suspicious activity. and, of course, we have to talk to all kinds of witnesses. that process already under way including some witnesses who are hospitalized at local hospitals who were injured in the bomb blasts including one described to us by a law enforcement official as a saudi national whose leg, one of his legs wounded who is under guard who allegedly ran away after the explosion. no one is saying, however, that this person is being treated as a suspect nor are any other suspects believed to be in custody. also, of course, they are spending a lot of time picking apart the devices that they now have. not only remnants from the bombs that blew up right there, those two blast that's occurred within seconds of each other at the finish line but also looking at
unexploded devicesment . we're getting information that some of the devices contain ball bearings. other contain nails, zippers and blades. but not only that, we are also told that some of the other devices did not contain shrapnel but are being described as crude and relatively small in size. as you indicated earlier, the fbi is leading this investigation. >> this will be a combined federal, state and local effort. it will be an on going investigation. it is a criminal investigation that is -- has the potential -- is a potential terrorist investigation. >> and another indication of them leaving no stone unturned, they even spent hours in an apartment building in raveer, massachusetts, five miles north of boston, where they were checking out an apartment in this building. as far as we know, they did not leave with any suspects in hand.
but they spent hours there as we said looking that place over. obviously following up a lead in that case. john, back to you. >> all right. susan candiotti, our thanks to you on this investigation all morning for us. with us now is cnn contributor powell crowshank. he is a fellow at the new york university school of law. thank you for being with us. paul, you study al qaeda for years. their tactics, how they operate. do you see anything here that maybe gives you a sense of the hallmarks of al qaeda? >> well, it was a coordinated attack. but at this hour we do not have enough information to make any sort of determination whether it was al qaeda or a group completely unrelated to them. al qaeda on the yemin peninsula,
they encouraged an attack at a sports venue but that doesn't mean that al qaeda is responsible. >> two bombs went off. we think that two others didn't. maybe more. the fact that there are so many devices, how much coordination does that require? is that something that one lone wolf could have pulled off? >> it is certainly possible that one lone wolf could have pulled this off. remember, about a couple years ago there was the attack in norway. there was a bombing in oslo and then a shooting a few hours later with a lot of teenagers. and just one individual carried all that out. so certainly possible that a lone wolf could have been responsible. again, it could have been a group of individuals as well. there will be a lot of concern right now that the suspect or suspects are still at large and there could be following attacks. >> and that is a good point. there are still suspects at large who could still be very dachg us a dangerous this morning. let's talk about the unexploded
devices. how important are those right now to investigators? >> well, i think it's still a little unclear about that information. but if there are indeed unexploded devices, that will be a treasure-trove for the forensic investigators, much easier to read the forensics on the unexploded devices. they'll be looking at the bomb signature, the materials inside the bomb. do they bare the hallmarks of groups like al qaeda, things like hydrogen peroxide, agents that they have used before. they'll be examining these things very closely, john. >> what do you make of the timing of the blast? it happened about 4:09 into the race. that's when, you know, slow people like me cross the finish line. the winners cross in 2:10 or so. that's when the media focus is there. that's when you seat be the big crowds. what do you make of the timing? >> it did happen later in the
racement stil race. there was still a very significant crowd over there. whoever carried this out would have realized that the world's eye would still have been on this event. cameras would likely be recording what would happen. so i think perhaps we shouldn't read too much into that. >> all right, paul cruichank, thank you for being with us. coming up, we're going to talk about where the investigation stands right now. we'll have more breaking details on these boston marathon bombings. here all morning. please, stay with us. hello! how sharp is your business security? can it help protect your people and property, while keeping out threats to your operations? it's not working! yes it is. welcome to tyco integrated security.
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they were banged up bad. severe lacerations, amputees. a lot of shrapnel. they were pretty big explosions. a lot of blood everywhere. >> welcome back to this special edition of "early start," everyone. we're live in boston this morning, just a couple blocks from where the blasts took place yesterday. everyone from the police commissioner here to president obama promises to find out who is behind these bombings and they all say they will be brought to justice. two bomb blasts less than 15 seconds apart near the finish
line of the boston marathon. three people dead, 144, at least 144 others wounded. 17 of those are in critical condition this morning. and boston's normally bustling downtown area is now a crime scene. about a mile of boylston street, one of the busiest streets in the city with copley place, the boston public library, other locations, that is shut down this morning. it is a crime scene. national guard patrolling the streetsment you can see police out walking on the sidewalk. president obama is promising the full weight of justice for whoever is responsible for the bombing at this race. the president didn't use the word terror when he addressed the media last night at the white house. but he made it clear that the u.s. will hunt down the culprit. he also reached out to congressional leaders saying this is a time for unity among americans. cnn's brianna keilar is standing by at the white house for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, john.
president obama was notified of the bombings yesterday a little after 3:00 p.m. eastern. and then he came to the brady briefing room to address reporters. shortly after 6:00 p.m. promising that the u.s. will respond. >> we still do not know who did this or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this. and we will find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> reporter: now the white house also released a photo of president obama on the phone with fbi director robert muller. you can see in the photo he is flanked there by the homeland security adviser and his chief
of staff. >> so much being say about what words the president chose or chose not to use. the president did not say the word terror out loud at least. >> he didn't. it was conspicuously absent in his comments yesterday in the briefing room. but what is interesting is if you talk to aides and say hey, was this an act of terror because he didn't say it, they'll basically tell you, absolutely this is an act of terror. clearly whether you have multiple explosive devices, that's what they consider it to be and it's going to be treated that way. but i think it really highlights how important it is for president obama to be exact. you'll remember following the attack in benghazi which killed obviously the u.s. ambassador there, he did say the word terror. it became a bit of a political football about how much did the white house really know? could they label it as such? and so i think that's why there is a difference between the president saying it, john, and his aides saying it. i think that's why he sort of took a step back and didn't go that far yesterday.
>> all right. it was conspicuous in absence yesterday at the white house. at least as a group being clear, they do believe it is an act of terror. brianna keilar at the white house for us this morning, thank you so much. >> just ahead, so many people injured here yesterday. 144 injuries. some of them quite bad. we'll tell you how to treat traumas like the ones we see from yesterday's blast. stay with us. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms... then he gave me some blood tests. showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number -- not just me. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% (testosterone gel). the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy, increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child,
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welcome back to boston, everyone. a few blocks away from that horrible scene where now we know that three people were killed, more than more than 150 people hurt in the bombing that really ended the boston marathon and put those 144 people in the hospital. many of them with the kind of injuries that you might find in a mass bombing overseas. many of the doctors that i spoke
to said that's exactly what these blasts remind them of and the injuries remind them of. so what kind of treatment are we talking about? he liz ben cohen joins us to talk about that. good morning, elizabeth. >> good morning, john. last night cnn spoke to two nurses who were at the tent at the finish line. when they heard it was an explosion, they ran out and what they saw was, as you said, a scene reminiscent of a battlefield, blood everywhere, glass everywhere. let's hear from one of those nurses. >> i treated both a duouble amputee and a young child and a cardiac arrest. i think the best scenario was that everyone turned from a, you know, this is a marathon, we're going to treat cramps, die hydration from that to all of a sudden everyone who had trauma experience came to the front. everyone who didn't went to the
back. and let us do our, you know, do our experience and trauma care and we got everyone we could to the centers. >> now the man you saw standing next to steve, his name is jim. he actually was a trauma nurse in iraq for 18 months. and he said all of those skills that he learned in iraq he used yesterday in boston. john? >> they treated scores of people. they saved, no doubt, scores of people. but they also, elizabeth, watched people die. >> they did. they did watch people die. and so steve who we just heard from, he told me the story one of the first patients he worked on was a young woman. he remembers her, blonde hair, blue eyes, maybe about 20 years old. sh came in and, you know, her leg was broken. her abdomen was open due to the explosion. she wasn't breathing. they gave her cpr. they tried over and over again. they just didn't have a pulse. he said when they were treating
her after she passed away, they looked around for some kind of identification in her pockets but he said as far as he knew they just didn't know -- still couldn't figure out who she was. >> so sad. as we said, there are a number of people still in the hospital this morning. 17 in critical condition, 20 in serious condition. what do we know about how the patients are being treated right now? >> these patients are being treated at some of the best trauma centers in the country. so, you know, they really are in the right place which is a wonderful thing. but we're told some of them are going to need multiple surgeries. these were very serious injuries. many of them lots of shrapnel. we heard about the ball bearings. when i was speaking with the two nurses who were out there in the field, they stabilized these patients, got ivs into them and made sure there is no bleeding. they could tell that injuries could take a long time to recover from. >> and the doctors that i spoke to overnight, they were simply
exhausted. the numbers of people they were treating, you know, higher than anything they've ever seen. elizabeth cohen, thank you this morning. you're going to want to stay with us. our live coverage of the deadly bombings in boston continues right here on cnn. stay with us. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewards for his sml business. take these bags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjorn's small business earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjn ] just put it ony spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less? h, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. here's yo wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card choose doublmiles or 2% cashack onvery pchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where'the snooze button? peoi to angie's listt for all. to gauge whether or not the projec will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare.
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en you seehese problems do you take a step back, with a degree in business from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to go further in your career than you ever thought possib. let's get starteat an act of terror at a uniquely american event. >> boom. and then another one. boom. and then another one. boom. it's like one after the other. one big cloud of smoke. this is really, really bad. >> the city of boston bloodied but not broken after two bomb blasts at the finish line of the iconic marathon. the attackers taking lives and
limbs but not the will of a city or a nation. >> make no mistake, we'll get to the bottom of this and we'll find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. bostonians will pull together, move forward as one proud city, and as they do, the american people will be with them every single step of the way. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to this special edition of "early start" i'm john berman live here in boston this morning. a city really reeling right now from this double attack. two bombs that went off right at the end of the boston marathon. >> well, john, look, this is your hometown you understand the situation right here very well. this is the front cover of the "usa today." if we can show it i think it's a really great image of capturing what happened here. nobody needs to be reminded of the tragedy, of course, but the immediate response of people helping in this situation. the triage done in this situation. we know that there are three people who lost their lives. but there is no question that
looking at the pictures of the injuries and the discussions we've had overnight with medical professionals, there could have been many more dead, a lot of people still struggling for their lives, but given us two reasons for it. the first is the nature of this ordnance, low explosive, high to medium impact in a tight zone. it wasn't a high explosive which has the concussive waves that can kill you just from the force, literally the air being pushed and pulled by the bomb. the second is the triage that was done on the ground. >> it happened a block away from the medical center. there were doctors on hand. so many law enforcement officials on hand right there to treat them almost immediately. >> immediate response. dedicated team of upwards to 50, 60 people. and there's something else, luck. i know we don't attach luck to a situation like this because it's unmitigated bad any way you look at it. but the fact that right now there are people, dozens struggling, they're going to need more surgeries, some of them although touch and go the doctors are saying, but the fact that the death toll isn't much,
much higher here is a blessing. >> we have live team coverage of this tragedy and we're going to begin here in downtown boston this morning. you know, this area, even at 6:00 a.m., chris, this area normally be bustling. we're on commonwealth ave right now, a few blocks away on boylston street it's virtually shut down right there because it is a crime scene. the national guard, very much patrolling. >> and obviously investigation was big overnight. all of us who were here were watching people work the scene. they never stopped. we do know that three people lost their lives. one of them was an 8-year-old boy. his name has been out in the media as martin richard of dorchester, massachusetts. a teshlg detail. nobody wants to see anybody be lost. and this story, more painful. he was here to watch his daddy, who was finishing the race. he was here with his sister and his mother. he'd gone out to the sidewalk to get his dad a hug for finishing. all three of them were hurt. he lost his wife. his sister injured, his mother injured. the father having to live with that now. a very painful story.
>> they're morning the 144 people injured right now. some 17 we understand in critical condition at this point. while this is happening, of course, the investigation still very much going on. >> very active. what do we know? we know that no group has taken credit for this attack. we know that one pakistani terrorist organization says it is not them. so sometime despite process of exclusion they're just starting to work the scene very strongly because they have had to do this extensive search. so many packages left, bags that they had to look at and make sure they couldn't be devices themselves or ordnance. they're looking for what they call the bomb signature. they're going to go back to the blast site and learn what they can from the way this bomb was made as to what type of sophistication was needed to make it and start narrowing down who would have that. >> there was a search they executed overnight in the town of severe which is on the north shores about five miles here from boston right now. police are not saying whether any arrests were made right there. but again, they were there overnight.
checking out that apartment building. >> being very cautious. we believe the apartment is connected to an individual who's hospitalized right now. authorities have not come out and said that there is a specific connection between this individual and what happened. then again we're also being told the individual is not free to leave the hospital. this is supposedly their apartment. they were going through it. they were looking for things. but this is casting a wide net, as well. and we should wait for those details, obviously. >> absolutely. so much going on here this morning in the investigation right now. and, of course, in the treatment. as we said there were two coordinated explosions. the first happened about 2:50 p.m. yesterday. about 4 hours 9 minutes into the race. that's two hours after you might say the elite runners finished. the second blast about 15 seconds just after the first one. this is what it looked and sounded like.
you know, the complete scene here just chaos and confusion. you know, many of those who witnessed the carnage, they were just running for their lives, some of them runners, some of them spectators. there were other people who were there desperately trying to help. >> i'll tell you we've covered a lot of these, too many you could say, never seen a response that was more immediate, more furious, than this one. first responders, but also those medical people who had been sitting here expecting cramps, dehydration, maybe cardiac arrest. they jumped into triage mode and they certainly saved lives on the ground. hopefully that's good fortune for people who had the bad luck of being injured. another important aspect of what we know about this, the place where this bomb was put, and the timing of it, took some intelligence and sophistication of this particular event. it would be second nature to you because this is your hometown. but to know that that corner at that time is going to be densely populated. to know that that four-hour mark, is when you have the thickest group of runners coming through, shows that there was some timing here that was
sophisticated. >> you had to know what was going on. it's no small point of pride for me. i think we have the best doctors, the best hospitals in the world here in boston. right now our poppy harlow is standing by truly one of the best, brigham & women's hospital in boston where a number of those hurt are being treated right now. good morning, poppy. >> good morning, john. and you're absolutely right, some of the best medical attention in the world is in this city, thank goodness, because so many at this hour are severely injured. 144, that is the current count, that is the highest number that we have had since the attack yesterday afternoon. 31 of those are being treated here at brigham and women's hospital. that is the highest number being treated here. we also have the number at mass general, we're going to play you some sound in a moment from some of the key trauma surgeons at both of them. let's run through the numbers. 17 still in critical condition. that is what we know. 25 of the injured are still in serious condition.
we also know, and this is incredibly troubling, that eight of those who are injured are children. we know that ten people have suffered amputations as a result of this attack. the ages, everywhere from 2 years old to 71 years old in terms of those injured. and a trauma surgeon at massachusetts general spoke to us in the press corps last night about the debris, specifically what he has been finding in the o.r. i want you to listen to how he described it. >> there is a lot of small metal debris. some people have asked already about whether it were bbs or they were parts of bombs, and i just don't think we're able to say whether these were bits of metal placed there intentionally or just part of the environment involved with the blast. >> that's critical. another thing that is critical, john, is that he said some of the most complex and severe
injuries are going to mean that some of these patients are going to have to come back time and time again for repeat operations. this is really just the beginning for them here at brigham and women's hospital. one of the heads dr. ron walls, one of the heads of emergency medicine here, he talked about the young patients. listen. >> our youngest patient was 16 years old. but, we had one child of 3 who was brought in initially, and we immediately re-triaged that patient to children's hospital, which as you know is right beside us. >> the consistent thing that we're hearing across the board from surgeons at different hospitals is that they have never done, seen anything like the volume, the quantity, the rush that they saw in their emergency rooms. but they did say, across the board, that they were prepared. they had prepared for a tragic situation like this. >> you know, you said victims as young as 2 and 3 years old,
which is awful. but it's not surprising for an event like this. the boston marathon, patriot's day, really boston's day where families line the entire 26-mile route from hop kinton, so no surprise that kids were right there when those bombs went off. and we now know that it was an 8-year-old boy, an 8-year-old boy among those three people killed. what have you learned about him, poppy? >> well, his name, as our chris cuomo just reported, and as we've been telling you this morning, according to "the boston globe," his name is martin richard. and he's from just a few minutes outside of boston, dorchester, massachusetts. he is from a family that is clearly a light in this community. the community coming together last night at a restaurant to remember this 8-year-old boy, and also to support the family, because the mother has been injured in this attack, and the sister, severely injured. the father apparently a community leader there, and the community rallying around, coming together, john, to
support this family that has gone through so much, not only lost its son, but now going through the pain of severe injuries to the mother, and also to the daughter. >> it's just awful for that family. dorchester is such a tight-knit community and there's a great deal of concern for that family this morning. poppy harlow, our thanks to you. >> have to balance the urgency of taking care of the wounded with finding out who did this and why. there is word that investigators raided an apartment in revere, massachusetts this morning. supposedly, we're told, connected to an individual they've been interviewing. no real definite connection. but let's get the latest. national correspondent susan candiotti is joining us live with details from new york this morning. good morning, susan. what do we know now? >> good morning, chris and john. let's pick up, chris, with what you were just talking about, and that's the amount of time they spent in revere, as you said, just about five miles or so north of the boston area. we understand that authorities spent, oh, at least eight hours
there, getting there around 5:30 or so in the afternoon yesterday. and they were on site there until about 2:00 in the morning. inside this building they were checking out, we are told, according to sources, at least one apartment there. we don't know whether that was an occupied apartment, or not. we did not see. our brian todd on the scene did not see authorities leave with anyone in custody. not sure whether they removed anything from that apartment. but we are told that there may be a connection between that apartment and possibly someone who was wounded in this investigation. we can tell you that according to our law enforcement sources, that a saudi national and one of his legs was wounded has been under guard in the hospital. they've been talking with him. they are not saying whether this person is a suspect at this time. but it is one of the leads that they're checking out, and they tell us that they have several of them. of course, they have a number of
witnesses that they're speaking with here. again, no one is yet, as far as we know, taking credit for this terrible bomb blast. and, of course, they've got all kinds of surveillance videos that they're going to be examining, as well. john and chris? >> all right, susan, thank you very much. please keep us updated throughout the morning. john, i'm going to turn now to juliette kayyem, cnn contributor, "boston globe" columnist as well. picking up on what we were just hearing there, the idea of no loud and proud here. no group stepping up saying that they did it. a little bit of process of exclusion here. what are the steps we're going to take? >> i think that's exactly right. i think the fact that no one has sort of said hey, it was me, leads a lot of people to focus on the domestic side of this. but i don't think that the police are going -- and i don't think they'll get dissuaded by that. there have been instances where no one's taken claim for it for awhile. basically there's two investigations going on. both within the fbi. one is going to be are there any foreign intelligence sources,
any chatter that would have predicted that this was going to happen? the second is going to be the domestic home-grown. different laws apply to both and different agencies will be involved with both. and then they also would come together at the fbi. there's a lot of people involved right now, plus the state and local. who have information. >> just a short while ago we saw the humvees, national guard drive by in a small convoy. you don't see it very much in boston. >> no. >> but it's crucial we are seeing it here. they are part of what you think is a really important part of this investigation, that is securing the crime scene. >> right. >> securing that stretch on boylston street just a few blocks away. >> that was the national guard. there's about humvees that just went by. you don't see that very regularly. they're falling within the incident command system. they used to report to me when i worked in the state government. so they're going to secure these sites and the reason why, it was a brilliant move yesterday, whoever made it should get an award from this, immediately diverting all those runners about half a mile left as they came down this street commonwealth. it did two things.
one was the chaos was minimized. this morning it's incredibly calm here. and then secondly it preserved the crime scene which is going to be key for the fbi investigation. those are lessons learned out of 9/11. people say oh, how could this happen again? look we're an open society. marathons are open events. their hard to secure. the better way to look at it, i think, is did we respond better? i think the answer is yes. and did we preserve the crime scene which is yes. >> explain the necessity of a bomb signature, what they're looking at there. >> there's going to be -- the signature is going to be the design. where would that person have learned to make a bomb? is it something off the web? that might lead to domestic terrorism? is it something more sophisticated? we're also hearing the same things today which is probably less sophisticated than not which would lead to domestic sort. second thing were there fingerprints, hair, other things that the suspect left on them? and then the trigger. that's going to be the big one. was it detonation by cell phone? how could someone have gotten in two places so quickly? or were there two perpetrators?
but the fact that we're able to ask those questions, fbi and police are asking those questions, and i can say this for awhile and i'm pretty confident that you're going to see pretty good movement within the next two or three days because there's so much physical evidence. and i should add eyewitness and topography that are going to be key in this regard. the thing with photographs. >> juliette kayyem. our thanks to you. those bomb signatures come off both the exploded and unexploded ordnance in this case. you're going to want to stay with cnn throughout the morning for really the most complete, up-to-date coverage of this terror attack at the boston marathon. ahead this morning, you know, we have the fbi taking the lead in the investigation. raising its mobilization efforts to level one. we're going to tell you what that means. plus we'll have the latest on the search for suspects, it's wide-ranging and what happens. we'll tell you right here. >> major cities like miami, chicago, new york, los angeles, they are all on heightened states of alert this morning. how the attack in boston, how
that could affect you in your town today. >> and also, you know, this city has to live, it has to move on. how tough is it going to be for the city of boston and the country to bounce back from this after the marathon, bombings? we're going to have all of that on the state of america psyche coming up next. the one thing that 99 percent of investors can expect to find in their portfolio, is unexpected risk. bny mellon has the vision and experience to help. we look at the full picture... to uncover risk, find opportunities, and create a plan that's best suited for you. bny mellon.
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this is probably would be taken within stride we will turn every rock over to find the people who are responsible for this. >> welcome back to a special edition of "early start." boston, massachusetts, a city clearly in shock this morning. after an attack that targeted the boston marathon that we've all been living with since yesterday afternoon. six blocks square has been cordoned off as the
investigation team, city trying to come back to life around it. >> a key six block square on boylston street. the boston public library is there, a bustling businessy part of the city shut down today, all part of a crime scene. this is what we know this morning. we've been saying three people dead, including this 8-year-old boy. the boston globe is identifying the boy as martin richard of georgia. look at that picture right there. adorable kid. >> sweet kid. becoming the face of this situation, because of the innocence of it. because of the needless nature of this situation. his whole family was there. the father was running the race. the mother, his sister, and this little boy were there. he had left -- went to the sidewalk to give his daddy that hug for finishing the race. he wound up losing his life. his sister gravely injured, his mother injured. that's just one family's story. >> they're from the city of dorchester which is a really tight-knit community here near
boston and they are pulling together behind that family here. the fbi is taking the lead in this investigation. overnight authorities spent hours searching an apartment in revere, massachusetts. that's five miles north of where we're standing here in boston. we don't know if any arrests were made there. but investigators were seen leaving this apartment building with bags, we're told, of evidence. you can see that right there. i guess that's going into the building right now. >> could be because of specific intelligence they got in an interview with a specific individual who is hospitalized, may have been injured when the bomb went off, shrapnel in the back of the leg, or it could be because they want to test items. one of the things about explosives is that they leave traces. different materials that were used. and when they come together the come binnant effect can also be something to trace. so they're going to do this. we know that. the administration very hot on this situation. the president getting briefed by homeland security and counterterrorism teams to make sure that the response, and the investigation, is complete into these explosions. the president has been directing a team to make sure all federal
resources are available to support these efforts as we've been here this morning, john, certainly we're seeing the results. >> you know, right now, bomb experts are analyzing the evidence. there is a lot of evidence to analyze, including the exploded ordnance, the unexploded ordnance. we think two, maybe more, unexploded devices were there. they sent navy bomb experts here. military experts right now, and of course as you've been saying all morning what they're looking for is some kind of bomb-making signature. >> right. and as you know all too well from all the coverage you did in iraq, these explosives yesterday, you've seen the size, that were the type of an ied. we all know what that acronym is now, improvised explosive device. why? unsophisticated in terms of the low power of the explosion. we keep using that phrase. let's be clear. low explosive can be up to 3,000 feet per second. a handgun, a 9 millimeter, bullet coming out at 1,000, 1200 feet per second. imagine something within this explosive or around it being
prepoled at that you start to understand why these injuries were so grave. a lot of the wide net for this investigation, we're going to go to cnn's barbara starr. she's live at the pentagon keeping track of which way the investigation goes on the forensic level. barbara, thank you for joining us. what's the latest? >> well, chris, john, what we know is you're making a war zone analogy. it is very apt in this case. u.s. military sent the navy explosive ordnance team to help with detonation and looking at the devices. and the military, with its years of experience in iraq and afghanistan, in fact, for many years now, has been working very closely with the fbi joint terrorism task force, fbi explosives experts, on this very question of bomb signatures. we keep using that phrase. what does it really mean? bombmakers tend to put their bombs together the same way. when they train other bombmakers, perhaps in the united states, overseas, they
tend to put them togethered same way. that is a bombmaker's signature, if you will. so, the experts in all of this who have the years of experience are looking at all the forensics. how was the bomb put together? what kind of fuse? what kind of detonator? what kind of explosives? what was the power of the bomb? how was it placed? and and where could an individual get the specific materials that are used to make the bomb? all of these things are being looked at along with any sense of fingerprints, of dna, of intelligence. they're going to put it all together and hope they come up with some answers. >> and again, barbara, as you said, they have the unexploded bombs and exploded bombs. they will be combing through every piece of them as these minutes progress this morning. barbara starr at the pentagon. our thanks to you. >> now we heard a lot of random numbers yesterday about the
devices. that's a good thing. that means that the authorities were taking everything they saw so seriously that they had to rule them out as devices. they were using water cannons in cases to make sure that these weren't actually bombs, they were just suspicious packages. obviously now, boston has to figure out how to recover. your town, as tough as any. the resilience we saw in the immediacy after the explosions have been helping each other. now the question is, how does the rest of the world react, a big indicator will be how the market reacts. >> market reacts. we will get to that. so much else as this investigation here in boston continues. stay with us. matt's brakes didn't sound right... i brought my car to mike at meineke...
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welcome back to cnn, i'm chris cuomo just outside copley square.
the bombs have gone off, but be clear, nothing is over here. people are still fighting for their lives. an investigation is ongoing to find out who did this, and why. and, of course, the rest of the world reacting this morning. we're going to go to brooke baldwin in new york for news from around the world. brooke, we're starting with another major threat to america, obviously, in north korea. >> right. here we go again, chris, good morning. good morning to you. beginning in north korea now the leader's dialing up the rhetoric here. here is what we know right now. they're saying that they will not provide any warnings before attacking south korea. leaders in seoul say the north's threats are regrettable. also, in south korea, a u.s. marine helicopter went down near the border with the north. we're now seeing some pictures of the scene. take a look at the smoke here. see the fire. calling it a hard landing. the marines were taking part in a drill. there were some injuries, but all the marines reportedly will be okay.
"minding your business" this tuesday morning, a recovery on wall street. stocks are set to open a bit higher today. but this comes after a pretty big sell-off yesterday. cnn's alison kosik is in for christine romans. and as we say, yesterday was the worst day of the year. keeping it in perspective, it's been a pretty good year. >> it really has. you really do have to put it in perspective. take a step back from the day-to-day performance and see the triple digit decline of yesterday and take the bigger view. stocks have already had a huge run-up this year, hitting record his almost regularly. you look at the s&p 500. the dow up anywhere from 9% to 13% this year. and then you look at yesterday's stock performance on news of the bombings in boston. you saw the sell-off accelerate right after the bombing. but this was a slow, steady decline. it was more of an orderly sell. when the closing bell rang, only 120 points. you can sort of pin on that news headline of that 266-point drop on the dow. that's less than half. we also saw commodities get hit.
gold prices had their biggest decline, their one-day percentage decline in 30 years. that was a bit eye popping. but you saw the markets. it's recovering right now in the premarket stocks are higher so it looks like market's taking a breather. >> alison kosik thank you very much. we're going to get you back to boston in just a moment as people are fighting for their lives. resilient group of people in boston. coming up, though, a lot of questions still this morning. including who would do this, who was responsible for this terror attack at the boston marathon? we will have the latest on the investigation happening right now. bottom of the hour on this tuesday continuing coverage of the special edition of cnn's "early start."
welcome to cnn viewers around the world. our continuing coverage of the chaos that struck boston yesterday. you watch it, you hear it, the bombs that marked the boston marathon. two explosive devices. a nation now recoiling from another terror attack on american soil. >> an awful thing right at the finish line, right at the point where a lot of people were, you know, just coming in. >> the urgency here continues.
the fbi heading up the search for whomever was responsible for this act of terror. this morning the question of how they exploited a potential gap in the security of this city and this marathon. we welcome you back here now, i'm chris cuomo just outside copley square. this is where the explosions happened. as over 25,000 people were involved in this from over 100 countries. this cultural event known as the boston marathon marred by the two explosions. this city now, nothing here is over. you hear the sounds of sirens as this investigation continues. people are fighting for their lives this morning because of what happened yesterday. the investigation continue iing s.w.a.t. teams and different types of agencies that are picking up all information. this always told in human loss. we know there are close to 150 people who are gravely injured. three lives lost. one picture we'll show you this
morning, an 8-year-old boy lost his life here. the boston globe identifying him as martin richard. he's holding a sign of his name. a beautiful young boy here with his family. his mother, sister, and his daddy who was running the race. walked out to the sidewalk to give him that hug of congratulations. little martin lost his life. his sister gravely injured. his mother, as well. in the hospitals right now, 17 people still in critical condition. 25 in serious condition. we've heard of having forced amputations. some people dismembered at the scene. a need for more surgery to fight ongoing. fortunately, if we can use that word, in boston, the medical and trauma staff so top notch that so much life is being saved that could have been lost. who's in charge of the investigation? the fbi. it is a criminal investigation, of course. overnight federal, state and local law enforcement agencies executed a search warrant at an apartment in revere, massachusetts, about five miles from boston.
why? we're not sure. we believe that they went out. they left with bags of evidence. could be a couple of reasons for that. one, specific information that they may have gotten from a man who is in the hospital right now. no word as to his definite connection to the event. also, they could be looking for trace materials from explosions. bombs tell a story. and how they go off, how they're made, and what they're made of. they show us windows into the sophistication of who could have done something like this. and what was needed to do it that we can trace to any type of desire and process of acquiring what was needed. the ingredients for this bomb. as you can hear, the sounds of this mostly just a very busy part of downtown boston. other than traffic on this avenue that was just opened, very quiet. why? the investigation. the nation aal guard patrolling the streets. many different federal agencies all trying to figure out what happened. costing a very need yet. collecting cell phone data. all types of closed circuit televisions.
but as we said in the beginning, this is about what happened to the people. the people who are still fighting for their lives. we have poppy harlow, she's at one of the hospitals that's been treating people all night, overnight, to make sure they stay alive. poppy, thank you for joining us again this morning. what's the latest from there? >> good morning, chris, as you said the people fighting for their life. i was just looking and i watched a young man and a young woman cross the street and walk in to brigham and women university and i thought god bless them. because they are going to help some of these people today. 144 people. that is the current count of those injured from this devastating attack. three fatalities. 17 in critical condition. another 25 at this hour seriously injured. the beautiful young boy that you mentioned, martin richard, who lost his life, he is among many children who were at this event. eight children are still considered injured. we don't know the level, the
severity of their injuries at this hour. we can also tell you, that ten people, chris, have had to undergo amputations. and when you talk about the range of injuries, you're talking about such a wide array. everything from scrapes and bruises to severe, complex amputations that will require multiple surgeries, and looking at the ages, what it appears from doctors that we talked to overnight, is that some as young as two years old have been injured and are being treated. some as old as 71 years old are being injured and are being treated. multiple doctors say they have seen some injuries like this. of course they've had to do amputations. but never before have they seen the quantity or the rush into their e.r. that they had to see last night. describing the sh represent nal that they had to remove from the limbs. often it's been the lower extremities where most of the injury has occurred because of the ied-like devices that
exploded. that's what they're dealing with currently at this hour at this hospital and at hospitals across boston. >> all right, poppy, thanks. please keep us updated there. a lot of people still fighting for their lives. and we have to follow them and make sure they make it through. thoughts and prayers with people this morning. you spent as much time in iraq as anybody as i know when we were working together at abc. these types of bombs, these explosions knocking limbs off. very common there and a little bit of a window into what they're looking at in the investigation. >> that's right. speaking to someone who was right at the scene of the explosion last night. someone with experience in law enforcement here, but also overseas, and he was telling me it felt very much like that. as he was looking around in the seconds after the blast, the scattering of people away from the blast. so reminiscent, he said, of iraq. and also the nature of the injuries he was seeing. he said it reminded him of a crude device, perhaps, because all the injuries from the knee and below, he was telling me. but again, not the type of thing you're used to seeing in the
united states. chris, there's so much going on here this morning. you know, we've seen national guard convoys drive right behind us. we saw those s.w.a.t. teams pass by in their vans. not a common sight at all in boston. but a reminder that this investigation is very, very active right now. and overnight there were developments. there was a raid at this apartment building in revere, massachusetts. about five miles from where we're standing in the heart of downtown boston right now. investigators were seen leaving with what we imagined are bags of evidence from that search. we're told no one's under arrest from that search. but again, certainly very, very interesting. our susan candiotti is following the investigation as part of our team coverage of this event. she has that part of the story. what do you know this morning, susan? >> hi, john and chris. we'd certainly like to know more about what happened in revere. as you know, we were on the scene for several hours. that's how long authorities were there getting there around 5:30 in the afternoon, spending until about 2:00 in the morning there, as you said, removing some bags
of materials. the question is, was that -- and checking out an apartment in that building. the question is, is that connected to anyone who was injured or was a part, believed to be a part of this alleged attack? this terrorist attack. now, we are looking in to reports, certainly we know from a law enforcement official, that they have questioned someone who was described as a saudi national who had one of his legs wounded who remains under police guard at the hospital. who was injured in the blast. no one is saying that this person is being called a suspect at this time. but certainly it is someone that they have been talking with. also, they have issued a bolo. a be on the lookout, being issued to various law enforcement groups by the fbi telling people to be on the lookout for someone who is described as a dark-skinned or a black male, possibly with a foreign accent, who was wearing
a black backpack, and a black sweat shirt, who may have been trying to gain access to a restricted area. as we have indicated at this time, no one is yet taking responsibility for this attack. >> this will be a combined federal, state and local effort. it will be an ongoing investigation. it is a criminal investigation that is -- has the potential, is a potential terrorist investigation. >> this cowardly act will not be taken in stride. we will turn every rock over to find the people who were responsible for this. >> i was also speaking with someone in the intelligence community who said that it's interesting to take note of the timing of these two blasts. why did the attacker or attackers choose to blow up these bombs at the finish line? now it is when a large number of people who run these marathons
and finish in a certain average time, four hours into the race, are completing the event. but it's also curious to note, why didn't they choose, perhaps, to strike at the beginning of the race when you had the greatest number of people at that starting line. regardless, that's what they're trying to figure out as they look at whether people might have had problems getting to where they wanted to be, to blow up these bombs. but certainly at this point, they're most interested in looking at those devices, picking them apart, that might give them clues about who built these bombs. chris and john? >> all right, susan, thank you very much. obviously we've got people in place all over the place trying to gather as much information, such a rapidly developing investigation. we'll be back to susan for sure. we're going to be joined by don barelli out of new york. former assistant special agent in charge of the new york joint terrorism task force. don, thank you very much. we're trying to get an
understanding of what's going on. we know that this is obviously being done by jptf here. we know no one's taken responsibility for this, so moving what backwards, process of exclusion, how is the process and procedure of this investigation moving forward? >> well, there's a lot of investigative work being done right now. i was watching some of the folks from the medical side talk about triage last night. and i think you can use that same term for the investigation, and what the jttf in boston is doing right now and that is triage. they're getting so much information from physical evidence collected at the crime scene. the remnants of the bomb, trying to put together the bomb and figure out what that signature is, and who might have built it, and where those components came from. you've got video cameras. you've got public calling in with leads. so you're getting this mass amount of information and trying to sort through it. with that said, i definitely take last night's events particularly the search of the apartment, whether it was obtained by a search warrant,
which means that probable cause had to be obtained before a judge would issue that warrant, or it was obtained by voluntary consent. either way, that's a positive development. in addition, while we're reluctant to say what the official status is of this person that's in custody, it's certainly curious that police reports that, you know, he's under heavy guard. he's being questioned at length. which possibly means that he's being questioned under the public safety exception, where they're trying to get information as to any more bombs, anybody else that may be involved in this investigation, that kind of the intelligence gathering has also been ramped up by virtue of these interviews. >> don, interesting point you made. i know you want to pick up on about this probable cause. if that was what it was was an
exercised warrant, that means they are working off information. but there's still a lot of questions and different ways they can go, right? >> obviously it could be voluntarily as you said, don. they could be questioning someone who said, sure, go ahead, look at my apartment. but the fact that they took out bags of evidence, what kind of evidence do you take out of an apartment when you're searching it in a situation like this? we talking about hard drives from computers? >> we're talking about all of the above. hard drives from computers can be important. of course, any manuals that look like they pertain to making bombs. any physical evidence, tools, electronic components. types. powder. anything that could be connected to this investigation. it's going to be a pretty broad, i think, interpretation of what investigators would be allowed to take. >> all right, don borelli, former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force. thank you so much for joining us this morning. there is so much to talk about with this investigation.
coming up right here on cnn, cnn's live, extensive team coverage of the boston marathon bombing. including, we're going to hear about the response from the white house. what they did last night. what they did overnight. what they are promising to do today. what actions they'll take as this morning progresses. >> we do know anybody who is here in boston can tell you there are agencies that you rarely see in place in the big city canvassing the area right now looking for clues, doing their best. when we come back we'll find out the latest about what they believe may have triggered this attack. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engine a true automotive breakthrgh? you gve it boldtyling unsurpassed luxury and near 1,000 improvements. the redesigned 2013 glk.
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we are all coming together to do everything we can to get to the bottom of this. >> massachusetts governor deval patrick right there. welcome back to this special edition of "early start." we are following all the breaking news in the aftermath of the terrorist attack that literally blew up the boston marathon. welcome to our viewers in the united states. welcome to our viewers all around the world. new overnight, state, federal, local agencies spent hours searching an apartment in revere, massachusetts. that's about five miles from downtown boston. we do not know if any arrests were made there.
>> we do know that one of the three people killed in the twin bombings has been identified. you've been hearing about him since this started. the 8-year-old boy. his name, martin richard. the family from dorchester. the whole family has been here to watch the daddy run the marathon. they all went out to the sidewalk for that big group hug in celebration and something terrible happened. this little boy lost his life. his sister lost her leg. and the mother is also fighting in the hospital this morning. just one family's story that was torn apart in this normally bustling downtown area, normally cultural explosion and celebration, not tragedy like what we had yesterday. six blocks square shut down as authorities investigate overnight. you could see them canvassing different agencies working together. leaving the scene. we heard about at least one search. bags of evidence out. the scene still secure, watching national guard patrolling. >> we can see very much the investigation going on right
behind us as national guard convoys pass behind us, s.w.a.t. team vans have been driving by. as you said, a six-block area on boylston street, a key business area, shopping area, the boston public library is shut down this morning. still very much a crime scene going on right here in boston. but this isn't just a story about boston. it's very much a national story. and president obama overnight getting briefed by his homeland security and counterterrorism advisers on the response, and the investigation into these explosions. the president directing his team to make sure that all federal resources are available to support these efforts. president obama is promising, you heard the words last night, the full weight of justice for those responsible for bombing the boston marathon. that was speaking last night at the white house. he also said that the u.s. would find out who did, and the u.s. would find out why. the president was also reaching out to leaders of congress, saying this is the time for unity among americans.
>> and certainly you feel it here in this city. people came together in a unique way. it is always when we see one of these situations, the worst brings out the best. and people, let's figure out what happens next. how do you figure this out. certainly emanating from the white house. we have brianna keilar standing by there with the latest. what do we know now? >> hi there, chris and john. obviously the key steps of the administration here is trying to figure out who and why. two questions that at this point are still very much unknown. as you mentioned, john, president obama received an update overnight from one of his homeland security advisers. we know that he will be briefed later this morning by that homeland security adviser, alissa monaco, as well as by the director of the fbi robert mueller and his other senior members of his team. he did find out about this initially around 3:00 p.m. eastern time yesterday. he took to the podium a little after 6:00 p.m., promising that the u.s. will respond.
>> we still do not know who did this, or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but, make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this. and we will find out who did this, we'll find out why they did this. any response -- any responsible individuals, any responsible groups, will feel the full weight of justice. >> the white house released a photo of president obama on the phone with the fbi director yesterday, flanked by lisa monaco as well as his chief of staff, dennis mcdonough but conspicuously absent from the briefing room was mention of the word that this is an act of terror or terrorism. talking to aides behind the scenes, they say indeed this is terrorism. any time you have multiple explosive devices, it is an act of terror. it's going to be treated as such. but, it just sort of goes to the point, chris and john, that it is very important for president obama to be careful about how
this is characterized. the lesson that certainly was learned after benghazi when he said there was an act of terror but it became a political football and people were wondering if the administration really had a clear grip on the facts. >> brie nan keilar at the white house. words do matter. the president clearly using them very, very carefully. brianna our thanks to you. >> it has been pushed back, not using that word a suggestion that the president wasn't being as hard as he needed to be on our perceived enemies? but you have to understand there is a third way through this type of situation. it's not left or right. it's legal. and when something is terrorism, it requires a certain objective proof, and the department of justice, so you don't want to handcuff yourself, so to speak, before you know everything that's going on. obviously just want to figure out who did it. and the investigative, obviously goes along with the human here. this is not over. the injuries for people still fighting in the hospital. >> not over in the hospital. not over on the streets, as we have seen this investigation
developing right around us all morning. and all morning we will be covering this as it develops. stay with us, because these injuries that we've seen, they're being compared to injuries like we've seen in iraq. and afghanistan. we're going to talk about how these injuries might be treated when we come back after the when we come back after the break. l. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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the boston marathon. i'm john berman live in boston. >> i'm chris cuomo here with john. we're learning here that the bombing, reminiscent of what's being made in iraq, we're learning that people on the ground here yesterday with experience at war wound up putting those skills to the test right there, saving lives in the hospital. doctors treating it the same way as if it were a war zone. how do you help these people stay alive going forward? our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is joining us right now. elizabeth, what can you tell us -- excuse the noise -- what can you tell us about the types of treatments specific to these injuries, the fights that are going on right now? >> chris, last night you and i spoke with nurses who were there on the scene. they were at the tent near the finish line when they heard the explosion, they ran out. they said glass and blood were everywhere. they saw many people who had lost limbs. let's take a listen to what they had to deal with. >> i treated both a double amputee, i treated a young child and i also treated a young woman in cardiac arrest.
i think the best scenario was that everyone turned from a, you know, this is a marathon, we're going to treat cramps and dehydration, from that to all of a sudden everyone who had trauma experience came to the front. everyone who didn't went to the back, and let us do our, you know, do our experience, and we did trauma care, and moved everyone who we could to the trauma centers. >> so their job yesterday was to get ivs into people, stop the bleeding, and get them onto ambulances. now we know that there are 17 people in critical condition. many more in the hospital. there have been at least ten amputations in area hospitals. john, chris? >> all right. elizabeth cohen our thanks to you. there are people fighting for their lives in hospitals right now. 17 in critical condition. there's an investigation unfolding before our eyes here this morning in boston. we will be talking about that
all morning as our live team coverage continues. that is all for "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm chris cuomo. stay with cnn. we'll be covering this all day giving you the latest. o. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you hoose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro.
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and create a plan that's best suited for you. bny mellon. an act of terror at a uniquely american event. >> boom, and then another one. boom. and then another one, boom. just one after the other. just one big cloud of smoke. this is really, really bad. >> the city of boston